• Twelve 50-minute one-on-one sessions over three months by: phone, Skype, Facetime or in person.
  • Detailed written feedback from every session.
  • Woman's support. Based on my experience as a healing arts practitioner, entrepeneur, professional birth assistant/postpartum doula, and mother of three, I will help you determine where you are in your womanhood journey, how that relates to your sacred sovereign identity, motherhood and your carreer path (if you have one) and what types of support you might need. 
  • Practical advice with emphasis on healing and spiritual guidance. As an ordained minister and trained instructor of meditation, Reiki and Qigong, I will help you to determine what healing/spiritual practice and self-care routine resonates best for you and your lifestyle. This is tailored to you and can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.
  • Body awareness support. With my 15+ years of experience as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist and yoga practicioner I will help you to find physical well-being and balance, starting with a discussion about how yoga, massage and other bodywork therapies and exercise can support you. We will then determine how you might incorporate those into your self-care.
  • E-mail support between sessions, as needed.
  • Additional creative practices to shift and enhance your state of being. These can include creating your own sacred space at home, developing meditation skills, contact with the archetypal realms, expressive writing, collage making for your soul, creating a personal dedication ritual, formulating a family ceremony, connecting with loved ones through simple but powerful group breathing exercises, and more.
  • Educational material and resources to support and encourage your continued personal development.

Your Investment: $1,200 or three monthly payments of $450

You can:
  •  Learn to spiritualize the mundane tasks that accompany the amazing journey of cultivating your wholeness while tending to your homelife and working.
  •  Discover and develop your ideal identity as a spiritual woman, a professional, a daughter/wife/mother.
  •  Create optimal bonding and quality time when you are with your child(ren)/loved ones.
  •  Set and accomplish personal and career goals.
  •  Align your actions with your intentions so that you are living in integrity.
  •  Learn practical meditation tools.
  •  Develop your unique inner landscape.
  •  Tap into a higher level experience of womanhood, career and mothering.
  •  Connect with your Soul purpose.
  •  Understand and reduce unhealthy behavior patterns.
  •  Create healthier spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance in life.
  •  Find uplifting comunity support.
  •  Make better lifestyle choices.
  •  Feel better in your body and mind.
  •  Enhance your interaction with loved ones, clients and community.

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    Inner Connection