Antoinette Palmer

Holistic Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Professional Birth Assistant/Doula, Minister of Spiritual Science, Mother of Three, Meditation, Reiki and Qigong Instructor
My Story

    I have spent over two decades studying spiritual growth and transformation. My whole life has been the testing ground for the work I do now with others. For more than half my life I have been in service to women regarding their conscious development, health and wellness, spiritual practice and journey through motherhood. Every long-standing job I have had in my adult life has been in a woman-owned business, including my own.

    In my twenties I was commited to weekly woman's meditation and spiritual development group for five years. Out of that group a thirteen year long spiritual training apprenticeship developed, which led to my ordination as a minister in Spiritual Science. My spiritual studies and daily practice have remained a constant primary component of my indentity throughout many twists and turns in life. During that time I manged two woman-owned businesses with primarily female employees. I also worked as a coordinating assistant to a female producer in the film animation industry. Working under powerful women who had sovereign control of their own businesses taught me extremely well. I gained diverse and thorough experience.

    In my thirties I became a licensed massage therapist. After working in a spa, chiropractic office and pilates studio for two years, I became a sole proprietor of my own massage therapy practice. I started a massage therapy, meditation and yoga studio in my community. I sold the studio and feel great happiness that it thrives today in the heart of downtown Raleigh, NC. While maintaining full-time self-employment in my massage therapy private practice, and teaching meditation classes; I was approached by a pregnant mother who wanted me to attend her birth at home to provide spiritual and physical support. I fell in love with home birth. I immediately entered the professional birth world and began training to become a midwife. After five years of attending home and hospital births as a doula or midwife's assistant, I became pregnant myself. I have paused my midwifery training while raising my children, but I continue to occasionally attend births to support laboring mothers.

    When I had my first baby I was on top of the world and over the moon with joy. I had had two previous miscarriages before our first daughter was born healthy and perfect, but the birth did not go according to my original plan. I accepted it. I was fully able to advocate for myself and baby during my entire labor due to my professional training, which made it possible for me integrate and accept the unexpected circumstances that occurred. I was in total bliss with my child whom I had wanted so much and waited so long for. After a few months, something changed. Everything got on top of me and I was no longer happy. I could not integrate my new life that included this new tiny person. I was at home full time and unable to cope. I became depressed and anxious. I went into crisis. I was crying every single day, had post-traumatic-stress symptoms from previous abuse and felt like I was going crazy. I was clinically diagnosed with postpartum mood disorder and began working with a therapist on issues that were at the root of my pain. Through therapy I experienced alleviation and began feeling pockets of joy in my family life. Each person must choose the care that is appropriate for themself, I chose NOT to use pharmaceudical medication. I used proper diet, herbs, meditation, spiritual healing, exercise and counseling to maintain my wellness.

    When my firstborn was 14 months old, I got pregnant with our second baby. During this second pregnancy we moved to a new town to be closer to family. The birth went perfectly well, she was born quickly and with ease, at home. But I hardly knew people in the area and was again home alone, parenting full-time with little support, while my husband worked long hours. Within two weeks after the birth, I was overwhelmed and feeling the same pain as before. I was completely shaken loose from the foundation of my being. I could barely recognize myself and felt like a shell of my former personality. There were days when I could barely formulate a sentence or manage the simple tasks of eating and meeting my other basic needs while caring for my children.

    We were living in a new area so I found a new therapist and sought communal healing and support. I slowly began to climb back out of the depression and anxiety hole once again. I established myself as a massage therapist in our new town and began working at six months postpartum. My business grew heartily and my husband was able to work less hours and stay at home more. Sharing parenting responsibilities with better balance was a much healthier choice for our family. With more space in my professional life I began creating my second business as a life coach to support new and working mothers. Then I became pregnant again and miscarried at 9 weeks. One month later, I was pregnant again and carried to term.

By my third baby, I knew I needed to create an entirely different experience or I would not survive the postpartum stage. And I did not want to be a depressed and anxious mother to another baby, no matter what. My husband and I agreed to do whatever it would take. By now he was the primary stay at home parent and my work schedule was full. I chose to work until my 39th week of pregnancy. I felt good and healthy and very capable of this. Being self-employed meant I could choose a work load that was best suited for me and for my family's finances. My therapist helped me design a way to manage life so that the factors that contributed to the postpartum problems in the past would not get on top of me after the birth. I took a proactive stance and set up various support systems, healing sessions, and ways of living that would support my highest spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance. I also chose to go back to work when my third baby was six weeks old. I started with a slow schedule and gradually increased my work load as I felt comfortable. In addition to practicing massage therapy, I began life coaching during which it is possible to work from home and be close to my nursing baby. I was willing to be vulnerable and ask for support from other women, either on the phone or in person. Most importantly, I maintained a committed daily spiritual practice. It worked!!! I have been extremely joyful since our third daughter was born. I feel whole, sovereign and more at home inside myself than ever before in my life.

My Present Life

    I am now living the life I've waited my whole life to live. I feel immensely deep contentment and a solid foundation within. I feel clear, awake, motivated, energized and relaxed. I am deeply in love with my husband and my children. I also love my work. Life still sometimes gets tricky, but I have tools, support and easily accessible ways to navigate whatever comes our way. The most important of these tools has been my daily meditation practice. Meditation is the fertile ground from which grows all my strength and fortitude, while also opening my heart and mind. Flexibility is crucial. Changing with the currents of every moment's whim is demanded of me in this rich and full life. Meditating every day gives me the ability to adapt, to have clear sight, and to stay balanced and present through all of life's glory and tempest.

    My path has led me from a place of darkness, depression and loss of self; to one of much joy, gratitude and light. Bringing with it a deep spiritual and communal connection. I see the gifts of the darkness and have embraced the growth that emerged from it.

    Getting in touch with my sense of purpose in the world, opening to my intuition through meditation, and learning to take gradual leaps into the unknown has transformed my life.  I no longer act from fear. I act from presence, wholeness and authenticity. I truly believe that we are all capable of this. I have a deep desire to be with and help others on the path of sovereignty, wholeness and inner connection.

    Growth and transformation are inevitable during the constant ebb and flow of our changing life. The degree of conscious choice - versus - unconscious patterned response in this process is up to you. When living from conscious choice, we are present. A woman may seek me out during a time of intense stress, overwhelm and bleakness. Or perhaps during a time of abundance and joyful chaos. All avenues are beautiful. I am here to guide you in your process of coming to wholeness and finding your true inner self that is anchored firmly to your spiritual core. I am here to guide you in living the life of your dreams, personally and professionally.

  I will see your potential and hold you to it. I am loving but direct. I will reflect the powerful woman within you and help you connect to your source, your infinite supply of nourishment, fortitude and knowing. I live to tap the deep well of primal strength, exquisite beauty and raw, pulsing life within women - whether it be the roar of a lioness, a heartfelt song, a silent scream or an inner whisper. I wake up every day excited to help a woman find her song, her poem, her gift, and to make her life a masterpiece.

    I work with women seeking their dream life after childbirth, postpartum working moms, mothers with a houseful of children, and pregnant moms who already have a child(ren) but want a different experience with their current birth. I work with women with an empty nest. I work with two-spirited mothers and any parent who identifies as female.

If you are reading this, something in your life is ready to change, and you are wanting to make that change with conscious intention. Your basic needs are met but you know there must be a way to make your life into a living dream, to feel glorious and whole. The deep chasm of unknown steps that it will take to get there might scare you into paralysis. This is where our work begins. This is where the growth opportunity lies waiting.

    Working with me is about discovering the ingredients of your core self and inner fulfillment and bringing those ingredients to life. When we bring your inner landscape into alignment with your intentions, the steps become easily recognizable. Some need a map to that inner landscape. Some need to find balance and calm in order to follow that map. All of us want our full glory to be manifested upon the altar of life.

Take a look at your womanhood and motherhood, your daily practice and career (if you have one), your health and your connection to a higher purpose. Do you see room for growth and transformation? Does this excite you? Let's begin!


  • Graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage in 2002. I became nationally certified immediately and have been in licensed professional practice since then.
  • I was initiated as a Reiki master/teacher in 2007.
  • Became a formally trained professional birth assistant/doula in 2008 and I have attended over 50 births at home and in hospital.
  • Became a Qigong Instructor through Supreme Science In April of 2014 .
  • In October of 2015 I was ordained as a minister of Spiritual Science after 15 years of apprenticeship training. My ministry and priestess work include leading women's circles, officiating weddings, leading blessingways for pregnant mothers, Red Tents, ceremonial gatherings and Rites of Passage.

I enjoy studying and practicing the healing arts, meditating, nurturing women's soveriegn potency and playing in nature with my dear husband and precious three daughters.
"Ring the bells that still can ring, forget the perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

~ Leonard Cohen